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Hula Rosie

Bringing the Aloha Spirit to Life!

 We can change the world with Aloha!

What is Aloha and what does it have to do with changing the world? Most of us know that the simple definition of the Hawaiian word means hello, goodbye and love. But, the deeper meaning transcends also a way of life. When one conducts themself with their actions with   that How can one have Aloha? And how can one share it with their friends & family...or with the world, for that matter?


 Hula Rosie ~ Hawaii's Hostess of Aloha and a 5th generation kama'aina (child of the land) is the embodiment of Aloha. With deep roots in the land of Aloha since 1856 with the arrival of her ancestors arriving to the beautiful shores of Waikiki   With her wild & crazy & fun-loving attitude mixed with her quirky style of dress she is like the tropical sand, sun and smell of Aloha all rolled into one!


 Hula Rosie's presentation is completely unique, fun and engaging experience that includes entertainment with music, dance, comedy but, also, the special pearls of wisdom, when applied can unleash all the beauty and potential of a fellow being...well,  then Hula Rosie is your girl!


 Would you like to inspire and engage your audience with a message that can change and improve one's life not only personally but within their work environment?


 Hula Rosie is available for virtual and in-person speaking engagements. Feel free to contact us today for more information...we're here for you!

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