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70th Annual Aloha Festival Parade 2017

Spreading Aloha

Music by Mana'o Company

Honolulu Festival 2017

Hula Rosie's Tandem Surfing Adventure in Waikiki

Hula Rosie & her U.S.A. Gymnastics Tryout for the 2020 Olympics  

Coconut water!

Temp Jobs Ep.1 The Interview

(Japanese Version)

Highlight Video - Dana Land in TROPICABANA!

Japanese Version!

Outlandish Productions Presents!...

'Hula Rosie', 'Lola', and 'Sylvia'

Sylvia and her Olives

Let's go!

Sylvia at The Halekulani

Malasadas and a martini


Demo Reel - It's Hawaii with Dana Land & Friends

Sylvia's Sample

Budweiser Commercial 

Princess Pupule has Plenty Papaya

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